Goan Employment Illusion!!!

I recently came across an article on the Goan employment scenario in one of our local newspapers. Most of the managers who were mentioned expressed the view that the goan youth are out to make a fast buck and nothing better than a bunch of no good idlers. This bunch is not interested in an education and do not work as hard as non-Goans.

I agree that this might be true in some cases but to tar all the goan youth with the same brush is a grave injustice. I am one of them and feel it is high time the goan youth are given their due within their own state. 

The last eight years of my life have been spent in other states in India where I have worked with MNCs. In all of them I can assure you that you will definitely find some goan in a position of command. And the general consensus is that you can always trust goans to get the job done well. So when someone says that goan youth are unwilling to take up challenges and are reluctant to work, I would like to ask “What are the challenges and work you are offering them?”

Are you offering him the position of a waiter, a driver, a cook, or a sales boy? And that to, at a meager salary of about Rs. 3000. An amazing offer you would say to someone who has no job. But I ask you take time and look closer before you decide. Can you provide for the needs of yourself or your family with approx Rs. 100 a day. With today’s cost of living going to work might be more costly than staying at home.

Rejecting such an offer would then give rise to the argument that goans do the same jobs abroad while the non-goans will work for that much and have no problems here. Are they doing any different from what the goans are doing? They also are doing these jobs in places other than their home state. These non-goans all belong to close knit communities and have a meerkat mentality of looking out for each other as opposed to goans who to our unfortunate downfall possess the crab mentality of pulling each other down.

A message to my fellow youth!!! It’s high time we prove to all the detractors out there that when the going gets tough we are tough enough to get going. Let us show that we can service the world not only at their tables or their kitchens, but by performing well at any challenge that is thrown at us.

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