Proactiveness Required!!!

Mr. Desa in his article titled ‘Expatriates inputs to Goa’ in the Herald on May 26 says that Swindon Goans along with other expatriates have a right to be sore over Sardinha’s win and opines the lack of job opportunities cause these goans to migrate and obtain citizenship of other countries. Giving up the citizenship of your country to me reeks of the unwillingness to work for a change of circumstances and acceptance of your fate. I therefore would disagree that they have a right to be sore.

However I commend Mr. Desa for his intentions of trying to put together some sort of forum to improve the employment scenario in Goa. He should however be more positive and receptive to ideas and queries from the youth he is trying to help. I am sure a lot of our fellow goans would like some more details about his current business and the new lucrative venture, he and his fellow expatriates are planning to start. If he had provided these details I’m sure a lot of dejected potential goan entrepreneurs and expatriates would feel a genuine helpful hand has been extended to them.

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