Enough of Talk! Now Walk the Walk!

What is the value of a life? Looking at what is happening in Goa today, it seems to be zilch. Oops!!! Let me amend that ‘zilch only if you are poor and of Indian origin. Over the past decade and a half, numerous girls have met an untimely and gruesome end at the hands of one individual who has been apprehended once again hopefully this time for good. This saga of discovery has been going on for some time now but I’m yet to see a credible murmur of protest from the so called protectors of Goa’s interests with the exception of support offered by Bailancho Saad.
Are we to understand that defending the loss of innocence of a minor German girl is a worthier cause than fighting for our own Goan families whose girls have nothing left but a few bones in the ground. Possibly discussing the best way to implement the RP 2011 was one way of ensuring that the maniac Mahanand and others of similar inclination have no places to dump their bodies. The Chairperson of the Women’s Commission is said to have advised women not to wear duppatta’s to provide a deterrent that to in front of a public audience. She was hopefully trying to keep the session amusing. Despite the fact that 10 murders have been admitted to, we have not seen it splashed on any of the national television channels. The already waning tourism industry would definitely not be able to stand further strain.
I guess all our so social activists think its better to wait and watch which way the innings is going before showing up in the guise of a pinch hitter. It’s high time our activists need to get off their high horse and actively pursue a course of justice that will earn them some credibility and help people who would definitely bless them if they succeed in this endeavour.

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