Spirit of a Champion!!!

Any one who missed yesterdays match at the French Open between Roger Federer and Jose Acasuso really missed a true example of a never say die spirit. Down 5-1 in the third set against an opponent who felt he had a chance to beat a champion, Fedex displayed a kind of grit very rarely seen these days.

“Broken his will” a commentator said. Indeed Acasuso’s face said it all during the entire fourth set. “What will it take to beat this guy? was the question that must have occupied his mind.

In the end the poker faced assassin showed us all the reason why he was World No. 1  for a record 237 consecutive weeks.

I’m sure looking back at the game “Chucho” will cherish this as the game he will always tell his grandchildren about.

Go For it, Roger!!!…………… We need to see you back on top.

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