Book of Achievements!!!

Every daily in Goa was agog on June the 7th about the release of “With an ear to the ground… Understanding the common man better” at the Maquinez Palace in Panjim. With a title like that I expected it to be the outcome of extensive research and study conducted by potential doctorates. Alas, the fact that the releasing was at the hands of the Chief Minister should have given me a clue.

It turned out to be a 46 page booklet of achievements of the present Government of Goa over the last two years. My! My! Its surprising there was actually something to publish. It also makes me wonder if their time is up and soon we shall see a change in the guard.

Call me critical but I always feel that if you start something then you should complete it and so I have listed a few more accomplishments that i’m sure were not included.

  1. Making it easier for Goa to claim the honor of  having a serial killer with the highest recorded bodycount in India so far.
  2. The creation of the eighth Wonder of the World – MV River Princess off the Candolim shore. Everybody wonders when its going away!
  3. A most generous Government that incurs exhorbitant bills on the Sonsodo Garbage Disposal project without actually disposing of anything.
  4. Bravely committing to ensure employment in Goa by anchoring every casino possible in the Mandovi. Afterall Casinos are known more for creating jobs than as fronts for money laundering and terrorism financing.

I know its too late to include these but there is always a possibility they will be included in the second edition.

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