Are We Fools?

Birds nestI am a fool. It’s true. Don’t snicker just yet. So are you. I bet you’re riled right now. That’s exactly what I aimed for. Now that I have your attention, I hope to deflect it in the right direction.

Goa is to host the National Games in the year 2011 or at the latest by the year 2013. I am not against sports or development in any way, but my point or rather my question is to what end?

Lakhs of land will be converted into an amazing sports city which will be used for a few days by sports persons from all over the country. Records will be set, on the sports field and even off it by our illustrious public servants. The contestants will come eagerly as everyone does to our little state, in order to have fun, go sightseeing and return thriumphantly stating that they had been to Goa. The irony is that they are the ones who will be taking back the trophies despite the fact that we would have spent such a lot on infrastructure.

Why is it that every time we host an event, we need to construct something new. Haven’t the concerned authorities heard of maintenance or renovation. Why can’t a little sense (note the word common has not been used) be applied and we use existing facilities or not accept white elephants which are a drain on the taxpayers money. Why is it that we, the educated lot despite having the groomed grey cells prefer to keep them subdued while the unschooled use them in ways unimaginable. Who actually benefits from all this splurging? I would love to imagine that it is us, the sport loving people of Goa who will but apart from a few sportspersons who have based themselves out of the state not many have benefited.

I am not asking us to emulate what China achieved at the 2008 Olympics but would like us to at least take some concrete steps towards getting there. This will only happen when educated individuals with a conscience and the will, join forces and work to make a change. Lets ensure our paradise retains its charm and not become one only for fools.

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