My open letter to Rajdeep Sardesai

Rahul Gandhi
Preaching the Lead

Since media personalities of your stature are too busy uprooting scams and misdeeds, people like me can only get your attention by means of an open letter, just as you are trying to get the attention of Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

As a viewer of your channel, albeit a begrudging one, I’m sad to say that you have murdered the very essence of journalism with your broadcasts.

True journalism is all about discovering and presenting the facts and pursuing the cause of justice. You unfortunately have reduced it to a farce by focusing on issues that verge on what would be expected from a paparazzi channel.

Your channel’s entire focus is on creating the impression that the UPA Govt. is ineffective and corrupt. Your channel anchors give their own opinions and interpretations on statements given by the members of the UPA Govt.. Are you and your channel truly so naive to believe that the average Indian believes what you say to be true.? That the average Indian will be swayed by your negative portrayal of the Government.

Even a worn out coin has two sides. How is it that you are unable to telecast a single good the government has done.?

You advise Mr. Gandhi to step out into heat and dust of Uttar Pradesh more often and play a more decisive and central role. Yet, when he raised the Bhatta Parsaul issue in-front of the Prime Minister, your channel goes all out to down play the issue as being over-exaggerated. The truly laughable fact was that your own news report last night clearly showed the truth of his statements. All the inhabitants of Bhatta Parsaul who were interviewed by your news channel clearly stated that they were living in fear with most of the men-folk absconding for their own safety. The most revealing clip was the old lady who said the whole sarcar were liars and cheats. You graciously accepted the report that nothing happened from the Mayawati government and police who themselves are the people assumed responsible for the said atrocities. Your sense of impartiality truly amazes me.

Your channel claims that corruption and nepotism was the downfall of the DMK led alliance. While I agree that might have been a factor, if you look back at Tamil Nadu’s electoral history, it was a pre-meditated outcome due to the genius of the state’s electorate. Government’s have been alternating over the last two decades. The fact is not that the Tamil voter took the TV and wasn’t swayed by it, but rather took it and sent a message that he expected better offerings next time. After all, we Indians love a good hard bargain.

With regards to Kerala, had the Congress suffered a deficiency of two seats, it would have been hailed as a victory of justice and a downfall of satanic hordes. With VS Achutanandan in that state however it’s a potential upset. Let’s try putting it in perspective, shall we? The Left’s alliance in Kerala lost 29 seats as compared to last time, came two seats behind their opponents, and one seat less the halfway mark. If that performance can be called a possible upset, the guy doing the calling is one leg in the loony bin, don’t you think?

You consider Rahul’s being a scion of the Gandhi family entitles him to eminence within the Congress party. ‘Dynastic politics’ as you love to harp about. Yet you are the one who’s advising him to take a central role in UP and stay ready to be the next Chief Minister of the state. Double standards, Brutus? Or are you looking for an opportunity to swing at him if he does what you say. Why don’t you credit him for the act of trying to revitalize the youth wing of the Congress Party which he has stated is his main focus right now. By the looks of it he’s doing a good job. He’s got a plan. He’s got a following. Give him some space to do his thing.

A concrete suggestion on my part, Stick to the facts and concentrate on issues that really effect the people of this country. Politics and cricket might be what gives you your jollies, but spare the rest of us things we prefer discussing at the end of the day, in the presence of friends over a cup o’ joe.

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