How Health Conscious Are You?

Health is generally ignored by people for various reasons, some real and others imaginary. We regularly ensure to take our cars or bikes for servicing, but not many of us actually give a thought about the servicing of our bodies. Today, people tend to care more about the cosmetic aspect of health, rather than the natural aspect.

As Co-founder of Kreative Carafe, which helps people manage their health more easily, I often come across people who feel they are in the best of health but who have tests reveal otherwise. Others capitulate on their training regimes saying they don’t know how or don’t have the time. I’ll admit it’s difficult hence at my company, we believe every person’s health program has to be custom fit in-order to succeed. Using ‘AUXIDIN‘, our proprietary SaaS to collate our clients medical and lifestyle data, we work in conjunction with our panel of doctors, dietitians and physical trainers to come up with customised solutions that help our clients live healthier lives by just tweaking their lifestyle a little bit.

I don’t follow a standard workout regime but I do make sure to physically exert myself by using the stairs rather than the lift, drinking adequate amounts of water, and watching what I eat. Occasionally, while getting back from work, I’ll just pop in the earphones and go for a brisk 10 km walk before I get home, bags and all. It’s the doing that matters, not the how. A simple annual medical checkup helps me ensure my health is at the level that I would like it to be and serves as an early warning system in-case it’s not.

Your health can be what you make of it, provided you get to the table and dig in.


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