‘Goa Speaks’ can render you ‘Speechless’

Dear Dr. Gomes,

I’m writing this with great regret.

With hindsight gained from previous experiences on Facebook, I had resolved not to engage myself in any groups that proclaim their intentions to bring about positive social change. I had reiterated this during our conversation post the programme that Kennedy and me had conducted at your centre. Since you had politely requested me to join your group ‘Goa Speaks’ and because i believe in making my contributions to society however small they may be, I decided to accede to your request despite my apprehensions.

Yesterday, those apprehensions were realised, when I along with a few others were removed from your group. I’m not saddened by this, in-fact I’m a bit relieved as it was turning into a verbal war where any statement made by us contrarian to the generally accepted view, was looked at as being abusive and potentially communal. What I’m grieved about is that this was done by your administrators without any prior warnings or even the decency of an intimating message. I had expressed my views about Mr Hazare during our conversation and as I type this letter to you, I’m sure you will agree that some of those views are vindicated by what is being telecast on television. As a citizen of a democratic India, I believe expressing our views on a public forum is within our rights and we have the duty to ensure that our rights do not infringe upon others. At no point, do I think the opinions expressed by me, Ms. Mayse Fernandes or Mr. Callisto Fernandes were derogatory, abusive, obscene or controversial. Whether they were foolish is a debatable point of view. I can consent to an accusation that come comments may have been sarcastic, mine especially. But for a debater in the heat of the moment, that is often a tool to seal the deal. Still, I would be glad to tender an apology if required. Interestingly, what has been brought to my notice is that the comments might have been deleted. This is highly unfair as it does not give the person accused, in this case, the three of us a chance to prove our innocence. If we were accused criminally, this act of post deletion would have been tantamount to tampering with evidence.

I would humbly request you not to take what I say at face value. Please look into the matter and reinstate both Mayse and Callisto back into the group. I will consent to remain withdrawn in order to maintain the peace within the group. In conclusion, I would like to make one last caveat. As owner of the group, please ensure that any future post deletions and removals of members from it be done only after getting your approval. It will be a bit of a hassle, but would go a long way in ensuring a ‘Goa Speaks’ that is effervescent rather than faint.

4 thoughts on “‘Goa Speaks’ can render you ‘Speechless’

  1. Dear Cicero,

    I am not a group member. I have gone thro’ the above. And I have only one question to ask. ?What makes you think that the owner of the group has not consented to the deletion of your post??

    Seems very very unlikely.

    PS. The bottom line in the group surely is: ” Let me hear what I want to hear and you are my faithful dog” Or else……

    floriano lobo
    GS – GRA

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