The Rapscallions amongst us

Dear Members of Goa Speaks,

At one time, this Group was considered to be a place on the grid where Goans who wanted to contribute to our beloved state in what ever way possible could get together and discuss with other Goans having the same mindset irrespective of their location on the globe we live on. Things were going well, and it looked like there were brighter things on the horizon.. Sadly, this was too good to be true… As we increased in number, certain riff-raff got attached just like flotsam on the sea.

They gathered together in increasing numbers, got organised, and imposed themselves on the Owner, Hubert Gomes, who wittingly or unwittingly placed them in positions of power within the group. Power is a very big corrupter, and when given to people with a single agenda or with huge ego’s can consume not only them but all in the surrounding vicinity.. This is exactly what is happening in this group at this point.

Today an admin with extreme prejudice and malice, used langauage that would have had his mother wash his mouth out not with Dettol, but with Hydrochloric Acid had she heard it. I will also state that Baldwin Dias, who was the recipient did cast the first stone after extreme provocation but his slightly harsh stones were directed at the admin whereas the admin’s atrocious one’s were directed at Balwin’s family. Baldwin was deleted from this group instantly. This is not the first time such a thing has happened. Other members have been doing the same and worse (considering the things said today, I truly wonder if that is possible) in terms of vocabulary, have threatened other members and eminent national figures with physical harm and possible death among other things. These comments are covertly deleted under the guise of not being worthy of debate thus ensuring the evidence is deleted.

Earlier in the day, I placed a post demanding the resignation of the concerned admin and his removal from the group, in accordance to what was done to Baldwin and after a lot of persistence, finally got him to say he would resign from his post if not from the group. I thought I could chalk one up for Justice. One of the admin’s cronies proudly gave voice with regards to the magnanimity of the admin for doing so in another group. Pbbbt!!! I fooled myself by believing too soon.

My hope that humility and humanity exists in all of us died a horrible death when I logged in a while back.. The Proclamation made by the concerned supposedly self righteous admin was unfulfilled. In the group he still was and admin he remained. To my astonishment, Baldwin was back in, apologies had been exchanged and all was supposed to have been forgiven.

The reason I’ve spun out this long-winded yarn is because I would like to ask you, the members, who in reality are the life blood of this group if you would like such a despicable, conniving, spineless, inhuman rapscallion as an admin on this group. I, for one would rather see this group disband rather that let this wart-like human fester and pollute this group further. Speak up!!! for the Goan way of peace, brotherhood and tranquility that we aspire for. Speak up!!! against such atrocious elements that live among us.

I have not taken the admin’s name for the simple reason that doing so would give credence to his existence, which in my opinion is a gift wrongly given.

P.S. to the perpetrators of the atrocities on ‘Goa Speaks’.
If this continues, I’ll see you guys put down, like a pet in the household that has gone rabid. Capiche!!! You guys have gone too far and enough is enough!!!

The Dragon

2 thoughts on “The Rapscallions amongst us

  1. I believe facebook, or any “open” forums where everyone can just instantly post a message & have other readers read it, are the actual factors that make a person speak out in rude/ offensive tones.. I’m not a member of this group but occasionally do get updates if any of my friends are involved in the discussions & so I’ve witnessed these exchanges… Unfortunately for this same reason I don’t join some groups, or even if I’m in some group & come across rudeness, I’ll prefer to leave. As you said people who join a group have a same mindset, for improving or discussing matters, not to hurl offensives at each other & not to be a witness of the exchanges either.

    • True!!! The lack of accountability allows them to spout out anything they feel like without any regards for the consequences.. Interesting blog you have, by the way..

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