When a Root Canal turns Saffron

I’ve always believed in calling a spade a spade and would just like to offer Dr. Hubert Gomes some advice just as I had done the last time we met prior to his candidature for the elections. I had told Dr. Gomes that  he should have joined any party he choose to in order to fight the elections rather than go it alone. He didn’t and has now joined the Bloody Joke Party (which in my opinion is possibly the stupidest decision he could have made).

The Catholic community is by and large one that will tend to assume that everything will be ok as someone will take care of it and sadly are too lazy to consider that they themselves are required to get up and get something done. Yes, as Hubert has said many Catholics have put their tails in the lion’s mouth by joining the Bloody Joke Party and have ended up toeing their line and being sacrificial goats to be cut on the altar when required and thrown aside once the deed is done. Nobody cared about them because they were inconsequential, self appreciating nonentities in the minds of the people. The reason, Hubert’s  joining the Bunch of jokers is stunning people is because of the way he tried to build up an image of a highly educated, do-gooder who was interested in serving the interests of the people of Goa. With this one step, he has destroyed that image and made people consider that that he is just another pompous old windbag who is more interested in any current and future benefits he might avail of on the basis of being a ninny among this gang of fiends.

Hubert Gomes thinks he can be the voice of the Catholics in the BJP. He’s just joking, right??? The great leader of the BJP in Goa could not find one representative from the schools run by the Church to be a voice on the committee and what makes him think he will listen to his voice? What makes him think MP wants to hear his voice? All MP wants is to use Hubert and the other Catholic stooges in his organisation to find out what is in the minds of the Catholics so that he can reply with a sugar coated curve-ball which fools that we are, will accept and keep the pressure off so that he and his cronies can do whatever they want.

Hubert believes that the BJP is a party of Hindus, Catholics, Muslims and all the other religions in the country… Has he traveled the country or the state to ask people who have suffered at their hands what they feel? Do that first before giving out such a statement of Character. All the Bloody Joke Party are, is a bunch of power hungry individuals who are ready to grovel, cajole and basically do anything necessary to come to power. What is it that has suddenly given Dr. Hubert Gomes, ‘Faith’ in Manohar Parrikar?

Dr. Gomes seem to have become a lapdog ever since joining the Bloody Joke Party since every post or comment he makes on Facebook seems to contain the words “my leaders” which in everyone’s mind automatically changes to “My Masters”. I could go on and on but time’s awasting.

Pre-maturely concluding my advice to Dr. Gomes, I would offer this last comment.

If you have the GUTS and would like to really see the true colours of your masters, oops, I meant your leaders, try any of the following.

1) Take a firm stand that MOPA is not at all acceptable and the entire project should be dropped forthwith. You must state that you will go against your new party if they persist with this (if you can,i.e.).

2) Ask for Konkani to be given its rightful place as the only official language of Goa and that privileges accorded to Marathi be withdrawn or brought on par with other Indian languages.

3) Ask for a blanket ban to be immediately enforced on mining till all issues regarding the same are sorted out.

Do any of the above and you might earn back “Respect” that your joining the Bloody Joke Party might have cost you.

Don’t do any of the above and well, future will tell it’s tale one day..

Published on www.nizgoenkar.net on 4th July 2012

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