Goa’s Political Kohinoor!!!

While surfing through the channels on television yesterday evening, I chanced upon coverage of the Goan assembly session and decided to take a peek at what our newly elected representatives were doing. Laughter is supposed to be the best medicine and boy, was I served a spoonful. Watching Curchorem’s pride & joy, Nilesh Cabral pluck his nose and scratch his back on live television however, was nothing compared to what was served up by Michael Lobo, MLA of Calangute.

I’m still suffering from stomach cramps from hearing Michael Lobo cutely call the Chief Minister, the ‘Kohinoor of Goa”. You heard right, Koh-i-nooorr!!!

He might have something there, especially considering that the ‘Mountain of Light’ has a cursed effect on all its owners albeit only the males. Could Michael have subconsciously be giving assent that Manohar Parrikar is indeed a potential curse hanging around the necks of Goans? As the days go by, it seems more and more likely.

People often call Manohar Parrikar, the ‘Great Administrator’ and it ends there. There is no concrete evidence of action. Let’s look at his accomplishments in his current spell.

On coming to power, which was on the back of the follies of the wolves that roam Goa in Congress clothing, the first thing this supposedly great administrator did was to reduce the VAT on petrol to 0.1%. What did this do for us Goans?

Yes, we are getting petrol at a cheaper rate but are ending up paying thru the nose for everything else. He replaced the lost revenue which was almost 160 crores on petrol by increasing taxes and fees everywhere else. After the monsoon session, Non-Goans will have pay a toll tax just to enter Goa. Our so-called Tourism gets hit with a left hook.  Alcohol will be more expensive. Tourism won’t even know where that right came from.  A power of attorney that used to cost Rs. 25 will now cost Rs. 500. A 10% luxury tax now applies to beauty parlours. Guess the ‘Ladli’ gift will come in handy. Space being rented out for use of commercial activities, is also to be brought under the ambit of luxury tax at the rate of 5%. Cars get more expensive with entry taxes, VAT increases and higher road taxes. Petrol pumps on the border are showing two fold increases in sales which is mostly from over the border and all our dear CM has to say is that the domestic tourists who come in will spend more in Goa.

Medium of Instruction is another contentious issue that he was to have solved on coming to power. A wave of the Parrikar wand and Presto!!! We are back to square one where no one knows what exactly the future holds. A status quo which is tenuous at best?? A committee which is not completely representative of all the players? A lavish bonanza offered to all new schools in the Konkani or Marathi medium without any check as to whether the capabilities exist or not.

He’s creating an industry of Fish and Chips but before you delve into mouth-watering memories of British street fare, think again. The fish are the dead ones that will soon be floating in our rivers and lakes considering that the 30% of illegal mining that existed when he was leader of the opposition, has vanished from his memory now that he is the Chief Minister. The Chips of different hues and denominations will soon be ringing in pockets all over Goa, thanks to his generosity in reducing the Casino entry fee from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 500. Loss of revenue to the state? Don’t worry. He’s increased their licence fee to 6.5 Crore ( like it makes a difference to the owner who probably rakes in five times the amount on a conservative estimate). Destruction of Goan families and homes due to easy access to this horrendous vice? Don’t worry about it, there are hardly any Goans around anyway.

He promised a Lokayukta in 100 days. We’re still counting and waiting and waiting and waiting…

Published on www.nizgoenkar.net on 20th July 2012

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