Congress Implosion

It’s election time again and as usual the Congress party in Goa implodes on itself. Nothing new and most definitely, nothing unexpected. During every election someone or the other will stand up thump their chest and roar about how he/she has been shortchanged by the party. “ I’ve done this!!! I’ve done that!!! I need to be rewarded for being the loyal foot soldier of the party!!! I will not campaign!!!”, etc.

What is amazing is that all of them very easily threaten the Congress by saying they will leave it. Why is that? And why is the Indian National Congress putting up with it?

It’s simple! The Congress party in Goa is nothing more than a scrumptious bread and butter sandwich for most of its members and their families. It’s almost like a government job. Just show up, loiter around, catch up on the latest gossip, change positions every once in a while, cozy up when there is a change in leadership and all the while totally ignore the actual work that needs to be done. Can things get any better than that?

What about the Central leadership? They are not blameless themselves. Just because Goa is not relevant on the central radar, they tend to ignore the hanky-panky that goes on in the state party corridors. They should however remember that in life most people tend to ignore the little pinky toe as irrelevant despite the fact that it does play a role in the overall balance of a human. Try doing without it for a while. Ignoring the state of party affairs in Goa as inconsequential is one of the biggest mistakes the upper echelon can commit as it can have reverberating effects all over as demonstrated by the BJP during various newscasts. The faster they get it sorted out the better.

Which brings us to the next question. How do they do that?

Given that the upcoming election is a do or die battle for the very soul of our country, why not go out on a limb? After all that is where the fruit is!!!

Take a firm and principled stand. The Congress ideology is what matters!!! PERIOD.

No more backroom deals. No more bowing down to threats from members. No more ignoring the voices of the people. No more considering that they are the cats whiskers. If you do not want to work for the party, there is the door.

The Congress party in Goa is a bloated, parasite infected organization that has been going through its death throes for quite some time now blithely unaware of the consequences. These will be borne not by the Congress but by the average Goan who will be made to suffer the fiendish policies and acts of a communal party with a megalomaniac at its head.

The Goa Pradesh Congress will have to be roasted inside out to a fine crisp in order to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. But does the INC have the soul for it?

Only time will tell.

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