GTA: Rethinking Brand Goa

Goa has always been synonymous with Sun, Sand and Siestas. The Goan was always portrayed as a fun loving chap fond of his Drink, Dulpods and Dance. All of which were necessary to cultivate the ‘Susegado’ image known world over. The very idea of ‘Hard work’ was considered an anathema to the Goan soul.

Luckily, that’s not true. And we at the Goa Technology Association, popularly known as ‘GTA’ have proved that Goa is not just a world renowned Vacation Destination but also a world class IT destination.

A year back, one would not have used more than the fingers of their hands to tally the number of Goan IT Companies, but today we are proud to say that GTA has a membership of 80 organisations and counting. From companies with a floating remote workforce, to a huge four hundred seater bohemoth, Goa has it all. We are not just a domestic industry, but have a global list of clients spanning 50 countries.

The need of the hour is to maintain the thrust given to the Goan IT Industry by the Goverment in the form of the ‘Start-Up’ and the ‘IT’ policies. It’s been a long struggle for the Goan techies, for some as long as two decades.

The GTA plans to be the force that bolsters the Goan IT industry by supporting entrepreneurs, connecting peers for better networks, creating avenues for members to interact with decision makers and helping establish Goa as a global hub for innovation.

To ensure we achieve this goal, GTA has split it into multiple prongs which going ahead will stabilise and boost the industry.

Advocacy: Progress cannot happen in silos. We need the Government and Industry to work in tandem and one of our major tasks would be to bring about the alignment for continued progress and success.

Industry Promotion: Obscurity benefits nobody. We aim to spotlight our companies that power innovation. It is only through events, public relations, economic impact reports and research that we can showcase the potential Goa has as a IT powerhouse.

Professional Networks: It is imperative that GTA helps build connections amongst members so that they share their expertise and establish a collective industry voice.

Talent Development: An industry without talent is jejune. We need to empower our students with the technical and conceptual skills that will unleash their creativity and talent to create value for our companies and industry as a whole.

Confucius said “A man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away the small stones”.

It is with this sage advice in mind, that the Goa Technology Association puts it’s best foot forward to advance Goa’s reputation as a Technology state.

After all, #ITisBetterinGoa.

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