‘Goa Speaks’ can render you ‘Speechless’

Dear Dr. Gomes, I’m writing this with great regret. With hindsight gained from previous experiences on Facebook, I had resolved not to engage myself in any groups that proclaim their intentions to bring about positive social change. I had reiterated this during our conversation post the programme that Kennedy and me had conducted at your … Read more‘Goa Speaks’ can render you ‘Speechless’

How Health Conscious Are You?

Health is generally ignored by people for various reasons, some real and others imaginary. We regularly ensure to take our cars or bikes for servicing, but not many of us actually give a thought about the servicing of our bodies. Today, people tend to care more about the cosmetic aspect of health, rather than the … Read moreHow Health Conscious Are You?

What’s in a NAME?

I’ve had a blog for a long time but have never been able to really kick-start it. Maybe it’s time for an overhaul….. thought it over, and decided that the name didn’t really represent what i wanted to write about.. With the new name hopefully the characters will flow…. 🙂

Remembering Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has left his stage for the last time. This news is terrible. Millions of fans across generations will be shell shocked and wish they never have to face this fact in their lifetime. Michael started his career at the tender age of 11 as a member of the Jackson 5 and later went … Read moreRemembering Michael Jackson

Star Face

I came across an article in today’s newspaper which really amazed me to the point of laughing my head off. A Belgian eighteen-year-old Kimberley Vlaminck is suing a tattoo artist for obliging her with 56 stars on her face instead of the 3 she allegedly asked for. Yikes!!! She claims to have fallen asleep while … Read moreStar Face