How Health Conscious Are You?

Health is generally ignored by people for various reasons, some real and others imaginary. We regularly ensure to take our cars or bikes for servicing, but not many of us actually give a thought about the servicing of our bodies. Today, people tend to care more about the cosmetic aspect of health, rather than the … Read moreHow Health Conscious Are You?

Book of Achievements!!!

Every daily in Goa was agog on June the 7th about the release of “With an ear to the ground… Understanding the common man better” at the Maquinez Palace in Panjim. With a title like that I expected it to be the outcome of extensive research and study conducted by potential doctorates. Alas, the fact … Read moreBook of Achievements!!!

Enough of Talk! Now Walk the Walk!

What is the value of a life? Looking at what is happening in Goa today, it seems to be zilch. Oops!!! Let me amend that ‘zilch only if you are poor and of Indian origin. Over the past decade and a half, numerous girls have met an untimely and gruesome end at the hands of … Read moreEnough of Talk! Now Walk the Walk!

Proactiveness Required!!!

Mr. Desa in his article titled ‘Expatriates inputs to Goa’ in the Herald on May 26 says that Swindon Goans along with other expatriates have a right to be sore over Sardinha’s win and opines the lack of job opportunities cause these goans to migrate and obtain citizenship of other countries. Giving up the citizenship … Read moreProactiveness Required!!!